House Rules

The following is a list of house rules that will be used for the WotG campaign. List is subject to change.

Instant Death/Massive Damage: Player Characters (PCs) who roll an attack roll of 20, have the option to confirm it with another 20. Two 20s counts as a “kill threat” which works like a crit threat, a third attack roll must be made, if that overcomes the targets DC, it dies, no saves, any type of creature (yes even Gods, Devil Lords, etc.). NPCs which manage a roll of 20, 20, and hit deal “Massive Damage,” this is a 2x critcal of a critical, for instance a Non-Player Character (NPC) whose Improved Unarmed Strike has a 20/2x crit threat/damage, a “Massive Damage” hit deals x4 damage.

Sanity: This game will use a modified Sanity system. PCs start the game with 100 Sanity Points (SP). Ranks in the skill “Forbidden Lore” lower Total SP; players, make sure to add “Forbidden Lore” to your skill list. “Forbidden Lore” may only aquire ranks in-game by reading certain texts, witnessing certain rituals, making deals with demons and devils, etc. etc. For every one rank in Forbidden Lore minus 1 from your Total SP. Characters lose sanity by witnessing horrible tragedies, discovering things not meant for mortal eyes, ec. etc. Will Saves may be applicable in some cases. Depending on how sanity-depraving something is, characters will lose a number of SP. The lower your current SP is, the more insane your character is, for instance 70 SP may make you a bit paranoid, perhaps you’ll develop a fetish of some sort and so on, 40 SP will be “Crazy” and may start having hallucinations, very paranoid, starts seeing false logic in things and so on, 0 SP will be Bat-shit insane eat your own flesh staight off the apendage psychopaths prone to vivd hallucinations and random violence :D. SP may be regained various ways, but it will automatically restore 1 SP per week provided your current SP is higher then 50. If 50 or lower, you restore 1 SP per month. Lower then 10 will not automatically regain SP. You may not have more SP then your Total SP (so havign 7 ranks of Forbidden Lore means you can’t have more then 93 SP at a time). If a charcter somehow manages to have 100 ranks in Forbidden Lore their character becomes an NPC, as they have no way of restoring SP, so they will have almost no control over their character.

Experience earned: Experience will instead be pooled together and split evenly between party members. Bonus experience will be earned by spotting references to other games, books, movies and such :D.

Experience penalties/loss: There are no experience penalties for multiclassing. Certain creations have had experience penalties removed. Being ressurected costs experience based on level. True Ressurection and Wish (for a ressurection) have no experience loss. Researching spells now have a high experience cost.

Spell Research: Researching Spells ingame has been altered. You now lose experience based on the spell level. You do NOT have to research spells to earn more known spells because you leveled up. known spells obtained from leveling are automatically filled in, Researching spells simply adds additional known spells.

Winged Template: Winged Template is only a +1 LA, however you need 6 more Dex then the listed for each rank of flight.

True Namers: Are NOT allowed!

Vow of Poverty: Is NOT allowed!

Alignment strictly enforced: This is not really a house rule so much as a reminder. Your alignment is highly subject to change if you aren’t careful. Lawful people don’t backstab, chaotic people don’t use orthadox methods, evil people don’t save puppies, and good people don’t crash the dragon they just jumped on into a city full of innocents… Going outside your alignment a little bit is okay, but a Good character will not ask “how much can you pay?” when asked for assistance…. Nor will an Evil character give randomly to charity. And always remember that using Chaotic means to fufill LAwful contracts is NEUTRAL (ei: Setting fire to a bandit camp in order to clear the trade route for innocent merchants.)

House Rules

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