War of the Gods

Bandits are the least of our problems...

The party, being refreshed from a good night’s sleep, immediately begin asking around for available work and kept an eye out for some extra muscle. After a brief disagreement in the bar, the party could add Sylvia Lunn to the roster. They also met Cysinye, a wondering samurai with no current master; and Bok, a half-crazed half-orc barbarian. The first of the quests seemed simple enough, a local was concerned about a bandit camp, and wanted their heads as proof of demise. However not three hours out of town, they met a very, very, VERY big black dragon. This may or may not have been an avatar of Tiamat… It’s like the gods threw down some dice and got the worst possible thing to throw at the party. After sacrificing their mounts, and part of Sylvia… The dragon decided to leave them alone. After hoofing it to the encampment, the party quickly dispatched 7 bandits; however, their leader made his presence known. Onorok One-Hand put up a fearsome fight, but was eventually brought down. Upon returning to town, the party began to question the local’s motives, for why would he want the heads of the bandits? They eventually let the matter die, and went to the inn because they were informed someone wanted them well-rested before they spoke. The party is currently sleeping and waiting to see what a trip to the baron’s house will bring.

To Duran!

After hearing out the orc chieftain, the party decides to attempt a retrieval of a valuable gem from some followers of Ke’Shyn, Goddess of the Moon. Upon arrival at the temple they are allowed to talk, indirectly, to the leader. After he sent his soldiers after them, the part quickly picked them apart. After interregation of a survivor the part learns where the gem is kept, but that they’ll need a key. The party attempted to disguise themselves frequently, but almost always ended up in a fight; during one, they found a key. After cleverly spreading rumors of an upcoming orc attack. The party used the panic and confusion to thier advantage, sneaking past a large amount of guards. Upon finding barrels of explosive powder, they filled a Bag of Holding with some, and then blew a hole into the locked off floor where the gem was supposed to lie. After dispatching the one surviving guard, the party found very large doors to which the key from earlier fit. After a quick confrontation with one Darrius LaMiel, The party snagged the gem and a large pile of magical goods. Upon returning to the orc encampment with the gem, they are rewarded with a substantial amount of money (much to their suprise) and three Riding Worgs. The party then set out for Duran once more, unfortunately Mailtyam did not make the journey, as an ignored curse from battle had ravaged her body and she shortly died. Upon reaching Duran the party sells some items, stables their mounts, and finds a place to sleep for the night. Perhaps tomorrow they will look for some extra muscle and a bit of work.

The First Step

The party is on their way to Duran to look for work, on the way they stop at a friendly orc encampment to rest. After eating their fill, they are told the Orc Cheiftain is looking for them.
(This is were your backstories should end.)


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